S3, Operations & Training

Captain Ted Shelton
Regiment Operations & Training Officer

Duty description:

In summary, the S3 has staff responsibility for planning the operations, organization, and training as directed by the commander. The S3 works closely with the XO to accomplish his or her mission. The S3 writes operational directives and plans and writes tactical orders, field training exercises, and training schedules. The S3 prepares courses of action and recommends actions or decisions to the regiment commander for the accomplishment of the mission.

As the S3 is concerned with planning, training, control, and supervision of operations, his or her duties include:

  • Plans, controls, and executes mission operations from regiment through battalion level.
  • Prepares detailed plans which support execution of policies and strategy.
  • Determines training needs of the 3rd Regiment and prepares and supervises training to support those needs.
  • Establishes policies and standards for unit readiness and supervises unit efforts to meet readiness standards.
  • Establishes the composition of forces required to support plans, from the fiscally constrained force to the resourced force level.
  • Documents the force and makes recommendations concerning the Tables(s) of organization and Equipment (TO&E).
  • Is the TNSG expert in the “how to” of training, as well as development and management of training functions.
  • Plans and evaluates military operations.
  • Prepares and reviews operations and concept plans to include simulation exercises.
  • Establishes and monitors policy and standards for unit readiness.
  • Is concerned with the execution of operations, plans, and training in support of assigned missions.